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"Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness"

Mark Twain


Lazy in Croatia

Sometimes I think I’m a lazy tourist. I’ll be in the most impressive of places and will still enjoy a lot of sitting around doing nothing. Sometimes that’s reading, sometimes watching a movie on my iPad, sometimes sorting pictures, but rarely, as it turns out, is it blogging. The beautiful thing is that since it’s my vacation, I have no need to justify myself to anyone. That said, given busyness of the school year sometimes sitting around feels just about right.



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Overcoming their Past Without Forgetting it: Bosnia and Herzegovina

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In a book I just finished reading (“The Lost Girls” by Jennifer Baggett, Holly Corbett and Amanda Pressner), they make the statement that “the greater a destination’s popularity, the less authentic it becomes.” Having visited countless countries (okay, not countless – I’ve got a pretty good tally going), I have seen this become a sad reality. Some places thrive on tourists and practically charge you for the air that you breathe!

On the other hand, there are places like Bosnia and Herzegovina, that cater well to their tourists, but haven’t completely sold out to the whims and desires of their visitors.

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Amani in Kenya

We’ve received so much love on the post about the tragedy that happened here in Kuwait.  Thank you!  It has truly warmed our hearts.

It has reminded me of our trip to Kenya in April that happened just a couple of weeks after the University shooting in Nairobi.  People tried to warn us not to go.  We received many messages of “be safe” as we were departing.  But to us, it was important to continue with our trip, despite what may have happened before our arrival.


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Dear Kuwait:


I didn’t sleep well last night. I tossed and I turned, uneasy about the future of Kuwait. I worried about my students and their families who might have been inside that mosque. My heart was (and is) permeated with sorrow for the losses of this country. But it’s not just another country – it’s my country.

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Beirut: A Culinary Delight

Beirut is well known for its culinary delights, and we certainly were not disappointed in our visit.  From what we have heard, there are new restaurants always popping up in the Mar Mikhael district.



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Throughout our time in the city we had numerous choices for where to eat.  Each meal posed a challenge as we struggled to decide what to choose.  Ultimately, it was usually proximity that won out, since it was so cold.

We thought we’d highlight three of our favourite spots.  You should definitely check them out if you’re ever in Beirut!

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Lebanon: Photo Essay

We arrived in Lebanon during a particularly rough rain and hail storm causing flights to be grounded.  Trees were strewn across roadways, sidewalks and even through windows.  Despite the weather we ventured out and about through the city of Lebanon with a short day trip to historic Tyre and Sidon.


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Brugge, Edam + Volendam

In some ways Belgium has become a home away from home. Peter’s parents have lived here for 4 years, and we’ve managed to visit them each year that they’ve lived here; 3 of which were at Christmastime. We even had a short bout of snow this year!

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Our Top 9 Places to Visit in 2015

Travel is obviously an important part of our lives, and so we’ve put together our top 9 picks for places you should visit in 2015. We’ve been to all of these and wholeheartedly recommend them to you!

Kathmandu, Nepal


Kathmandu is buzzing with people from around the world who are in the midst of doing something amazing. Some have just returned from climbing well known mountains such as Mount Everest, others are working towards more attainable targets. The food, the people and the excitement in the air makes Kathmandu a spot for any serious traveller.

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Southern Iraq: A Few Firsts


I had never been turned around at an airport and refused boarding on a flight, until this year.  For the most part I have the sense that if I talk long enough to the people at the check-in counter they will eventually allow me to board, even if there are snags in the system.  But as Chris, a photographer friend, and I tried to board our flights to Southern Iraq this past October we tasted a very bitter airport defeat.  We tried to talk our way out of it, but ultimately we were turned away and forced to leave the airport in a taxi rather than on a plane to Iraq as we had hoped.

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