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"Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness"

Mark Twain


His + Hers Holiday Reads

The title has a bit of double meaning. Firstly, these are great reading options for any upcoming vacation you’ve got planned. But they’re also great options for purchasing for a loved one during this holiday season! What better gift than a book?

We’ve both got reading lists that are hundreds of books long and we’re continually adding to them. As a result, we’re both usually reading something, and holidays are where we tend to really dive into reading. So we’ve put together this list of His + Hers books that we’ve enjoyed reading the most this past year. Of course, if you’re a “her” and you like a book from “his” list (and vice versa), then that’s fine too. :)


These are all quite related to travel, which is appropriate seeing as Peter read these while traveling.  It’s no secret that this is the genre he loves reading.

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The Great Railway Bazaar

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Expat Hate Culture

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We are in our third year of living as expats in Kuwait, and right from the beginning I noticed just how much other expats hate living here.  It has continually frustrated me for these past years, and it’s something that makes me want to leave a conversation as soon as I hear it starting.

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Back Home in Kuwait


The beauty about having your own blog or website is that you don’t have to apologize nor explain yourself when you disappear off the map for two months.  There are no editors banging on your door asking where the next update is, and of course in a Facebook saturated world our close friends and family have had pretty regular updates on life in Kuwait and my recent trip to Iraq.  We’ve also been pretty regular at sharing posts and images on our Facebook travel page: Eat Well, Pack Light and Travel Often.

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Machu Picchu

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Hiking to Machu Picchu is one of those things that I always figured serious travellers had to do at some point.  For years I had imagined seeing these world famous Incan ruins set upon their lofty perch.  In fact, though Alison does not remember it, I had made some serious inquiries with a travel agent in Peru 8 years ago to visit the site as part of our honeymoon.  In retrospect, hiking may not have been the best choice for our honeymoon.

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Cooking in Cusco

We arrived in Cusco and were immediately surprised that we didn’t feel any altitude issues.  We kept waiting and waiting…but nothing happened.  We got ever so slightly out of breath occasionally on an uphill walk, but that was about it.

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Five words I thought I’d never say on vacation.

I think it’s safe to say that when you’re traveling* for a long time (which is a subjective amount of time), that you reach a point of wanting to go home.  I believe this point is different for everyone, but for me, it happened in week 7 of 9 of being away from home (Kuwait).

All of a sudden I was sobbing away on our bed in Lima, crying over seemingly ridiculous things, blubbering, “I want to go home.”

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Middle Earth

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I’ve long wondered about the fascinating differences between how things are affected by both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. I’d heard tales of the water flushing differently down the toilets, and seeing different constellations. But until this summer I’d yet to witness those differences.

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The Amazon Rainforest

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To get to our lodge in the Amazon Jungle we had to take a short flight, a 2 hour ride by motorized canoe and then finally a 30 minute paddled canoe. The lodge was situated alongside a lovely lake with tropical rainforest on all sides.

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Galápagos Islands: Snorkelling

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I’d heard about the Galápagos Islands for years, and in almost every instance it was related to the abundance of endemic animals present on the islands. Iguanas that can swim, sharks of all shapes and sizes and turtles that live well past one hundred and look like the size of a Smart Car (slight exaggeration). Heading to the islands a few weeks ago I had in mind to take a ton of pictures of the wildlife scattered around the islands and flying above them. What I had not really considered was checking out the abundance of wildlife beneath the waters.

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Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale…

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If you’ve ever felt drunk, then I suspect you know exactly what is feels like to ride aboard a small yacht in the Pacific ocean, traveling from island to island. As someone who has never experienced drunkenness, I can only assume that is has a few similar qualities to sailing on a small yacht: it’s a tad challenging to walk straight, keep food down, and use the toilet without falling off.

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