1. When going over to someone’s house for dinner, ditch the belt…enjoy your chocolate cake to its fullest!

2. Don’t yell at your book when it’s over because it really won’t make the ending change.  I promise.  Don’t ask me how I know…

3. If you live on West Coast you may as well learn to enjoy the rain.  It’s going to be here for the next few months more than it’s not.  Embrace it (and get yourself a ginormous umbrella like me!).

4. Doing some yoga stretches can really help relax your mind and your muscles from whatever’s going on in your world.  Plus, the next day when your muscles ache from all that good stretching you can legitimately tell people who snub their noses at yoga that it really does work!

5. Let out a good long belly laugh with someone you love.  It’ll likely change your entire day!

6. Try a new recipe instead of the same ones you gravitate to.  Lately we’ve tried these, and loved them:

Loaded Baked Sweet Potato Soup

Oatmeal Chocolate Cake (delicious with ice cream!)

Chicken Paprika

7. Pomegranates are EASILY the best fruit on the planet.  Plus, someone super awesome made pomegranate jam and gave me a jar in exchange for a jar of squash chutney!  Sweet deal.

8. Having our own car back makes life MUCH easier.  Although, now that it’s sat with stale air for the last 3 weeks, it might need a little deep cleaning. *shudder*

9. It’s never too early to play Christmas music.  This is one of my faves. I may, or may not, sing along with it in my car when it comes on the radio…

10. Go grab a peppermint hot chocolate and venture into the great outdoors with someone you love.  Life’s too short to sit in front of the computer reading cheesy blogs like mine.  :)

Happy Friday!

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