Trip to Pennsylvania: The Final Strum

Well, there’s one last day to recount from our trip to Pennsylvania!  After a fun day in Baltimore we headed back into PA to go the Martin Guitar Factory.  This was pretty exciting for Peter, my favourite guitar player. :)

You can see a variety of photos from the cool guitar museum they had, as well as we had a tour of the factory, which was pretty cool!

The whole thing was entirely free, and it’s pretty kid friendly too.  Both my niece and nephew went on the tour and they seemed to enjoy it.  If you’re musical at all I think you’d enjoy seeing the craftsmanship and detail put into each and every guitar.  It takes approximately 3-4 months to make each single guitar, so you know it’s really well done!

Do you play the guitar?  Have you ever been to a factory to see where an instrument is made?

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